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“and for that day wonder was everything,” Hermann Hesse said after visiting it.

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Intriguing journey back in time

This was the capital of the ancient Umbrians as witnessed by the Eugubine Tables, considered the most important religious text of the classical world, whose importance supercedes the famous Rosetta Stone.

The town is a maze of medieval alleys and cobblestoned steps. The first thing you will hear from its inhabitants is that they are all proudly mad, a recognition of their vitality. Certainly insane are the 12 “ceraioli” who carry a 900 pound wooden structure on their shoulders all the way up to the Basilica of St. Ubaldo.Thousands along the way exult in a collective delirium, making the bull race in Pamplona seem tame in comparison. At Christmas Gubbio is lit by the biggest Christmas tree in the world on the Ingino Mountain.An evocative Christmas crib with life-size figures is to be admired in the oldest St. Martino district.

What to see in a half day

Church of St. Francis

built on the place where St. Francis received his first tunic.

Piazza Grande

one of the most daring architectural structures of the medieval period.

Piazza 40 Martiri

along with the Loggia dei Tiratori della Lana, evidence of the importance of the wool tradition in Gubbio

Palazzo dei Consoli and the Palazzo del Podestà

seats of the most important political magistrates of the free Commune.

Palace of the Bargello

with its famous fountain where you can earn the Honorary Mad License by running three times around the fountain.


exquisite example of Gubbio’s sacred architecture.

Hanging Gardens

a favorite place of Duke Federico from Montefeltro and his wife Battista Sforza.

St. Martino district

the oldest and the most characteristic quarter of the town.

Other things to see with more time at disposal

Palazzo dei Consoli, Archaeological Museum, Eugubine Tables and Picture Gallery

Duke’s Palace

with the replica of the splendid inlaid wood cabinet of Duke Federico from Montefeltro. The original is now in the MOMA in New York.

Basilica of St. Ubaldo

It’s located on the top of  Ingino Mountain. From there you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire town.The famous “Ceri”, the three heavy wooden structures, are housed here, except in May when they are transported down to the Palazzo dei Consoli.


Special Tours


Recommended for children.

This is the ideal opportunity to spend a few hours immersed in a truffle ground area, where an expert hunter will guide you in search of this sought-after product of the earth. Treat yourself to an authentic cultural experience in a private oasis, with a route adapted to your needs. Once you have found the truffle, you can savour the truffle flavour having lunch in a typical restaurant.


Recommended for children.

In one of the many Umbrian towns with a reputation for ceramics you will experience the magic that transforms a shapeless block of clay into an authentic artwork, loved and appreciated all over the world.

Gourmet Corner

It is worth tasting the typical “crescia” of Gubbio,  a focaccia stuffed with local delicacies, usually called torta al testo in the rest of Umbria.

The celebrity of Eugubinian cooks prompt us stop at one of the many restaurants or trattorias to taste the most authentic Umbrian cuisine.

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